Open Source Study Groups

Gatherings are held in 3 main cities:spiral_42645_lg
Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Pasadena.

At Open-Source Study Groups
We Discuss Topics Like:
    • Universal Spiritual Laws
    • Meanings of Holy Days
    • Defining Enlightenment
    • Power of the Mind
    • Reading Sacred Texts
    • Learning to Meditate
    • Spiritual Awakenings
    • Living the Golden Rule
    • Principles of Spiritual Psychology
    • Leadership & Community Building
    • Human Potential
    • The Afterlife

Study groups and Temple services are facilitated by Ministers of the All Paths Spiritual Community and the Order of Universal Interfaith, but other leaders and members of the community are regularly invited to share from their own wisdom tradition/spiritual practices. These may include scriptures, blessings, music, stories, mandalas, and more. Bring it : )

Questions, Comments, and More Info:
Phone: (562) 448-2012