What is Interfaith?

We are not creating a new religion of interfaith, but honoring Interfaith as
a viable spiritual expression which is already thriving around the world.


What is “Inter-Religious” or “Interfaith?”

1) the spiritual practices that promote peace between religions;

2) the worship and service based on the rites, beliefs and practices of the world’s religions and new revelations as they are revealed;

3) the shared worship and community building between spiritual people from a variety of faith paths and traditions; and

4) all other activities that have been described through terms such as “multifaith,” “interspiritual,” “intrareligious,” “transpath,” and “omnispiritual.”

What is “InterSpirituality?”

Brother Wayne Teasdale coined the word “Interspirituality” in 1999.  The following short  definition combines his, given in his book The Mystic Heart:  Discovering a Universal  Spirituality in the World’s Religions, with that of the first interspiritual community under  the OUnI umbrella:   Interspirituality:  The common heritage of humankind’s spiritual wisdom; the sharing of  mystical resources across traditions; the intersubjectivediscussion about what humankind  is experiencing; the movement of these discussions to the experience of Oneness. Joining the Community of The Mystic Heart invites you into a dynamic discussion of what is  unfolding worldwide through interspirituality.  This is a formative time for CMH (originally  founded as Brother Wayne Teasdale’s “Universal Order of Sannyasa”) and a time when you  can be part of what is evolving in interspirituality, and interspiritual community, at such a  crucial time for the world. Joining the Universalus Interspiritual Community (Baltimore, Maryland USA) allows the  seeker to find a physical community with a wide variety of practices and growth geared to  all people and all faith paths.

What is “Integral Spirituality?”

Integral Spirituality, as articulated by American philosopher and visionary, Ken Wilber, is  the combining of a spiritual lifestyle based on one continuing on the spiritual path or  religion which one is on with the knowledge of the “states and stages” of the Integral Life  Practice. This vision was described in the seminal work, Integral Spirituality:  A Startling  New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World.  There are many different  “flavors” of Integral Spirituality based on the initial faith path the practitioner is walking  in their life.  There is even an evolving “Universal Integral Spirituality” that calls for one  to walk multiple paths and/or in the common elements of all the world’s religions.