Rev. Debrah van Zyl

DebrahFriedland-VanZylI have been a Spiritual Counselor for many years, a healer. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, a certified Attunement Server, both a Reiki and an EIP of DNA Practioner. I am a ritualist who creates Sacred Ceremonies.

I was born into a conservative Jewish family, went to a Hebrew school, and studied Torah. I have traversed many paths of spiritual expression including Hinduism, Vedanta, New Thought, Course of Miracles, Metaphysical, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufi, Earth-based teachings, and some esoterica, but I resonate most with the mystical traditions throughout.

As long as I can remember, I have always had a keen connection to the Divine presence in it’s many forms and see all as parts of the whole. My personal mantra is: kindness and I try to see God’s will in all my trials and tribulations. As a child my happiest moments were frolicking and communing in the Deva kingdoms and was able to see and talk to the fairies. I have always been attracted to the mystical ways and have never felt there are or should be “borders” between religions.

I see Religions as pathways and expressions of the Divine and we have a lot to learn from each other. I have a profound curiosity to expand and deepen my spiritual practices and am open to new experiences. Having a deep and abiding respect for the other is central to who I am and I try to be a good “listener” – to people and to my inner spiritual guidance.

In 2004 my husband and myself formed Awareness Now Projects – a support organism to nurture sacred community through the arts. I have produced and directed theater events, and am an artist and dancer. We have created workshops and retreats since the 80′s all with a spiritual core, and with an emphasis on meditation, worship  - discovering and nurturing the holy space within.

Since 2008 I have been a board member of the Southern CA Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. We create and host events in Los Angeles fostering our interfaith community. As a Vedantist and member of the Vedanta Society of Southern CA I am particularly connected to the Parliament because of my love for Swami Vivekananda’s teaching. I was in fact initiated on his birthday 10 years ago. I attended the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne.  I currently serve as secretary of the Parliament and I am also secretary on the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. I am a board member and director of the International Museum of Religion and formerly Monks without Borders. I am a member of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Executive Clergy Council. As an active volunteer with all these local organizations I have collaborated and produced many interfaith  events in Los Angeles – most recent events are PeaceSunday/Peace Fest in 2012 with James O’Dea and Riane Eisler as keynote speakers. This year was the Parliament’s Seeds of Peace: Meditation and the Engaged Life Conference with Marianne Williamson and Rev. Ed Bacon, at All Saints, Pasadena. I love to serve, support and collaborate.

My passion is for building community and facilitating experiences that explore our deep and abiding spiritual nature. I believe each of us has a purpose.  I love to create these experiences so that this Divine Presence can become more manifest in our world, a world that harnesses the gifts we all have, a world that expands because of our collective genius, a world that radiates with love and respect for all – people, the earth, the ocean, the planets, and even beyond …