Leadership & Ministry Training

The ALL PATHS Community ordains it’s Ministers through a partnership with All Paths Divinity School, and highly recommend their program to degree-seeking students of ministry, theology, or religious studies.  www.allpathsdivinityschool.org


If You…  (Does any of this apply to you?)

- want to be a peace-builder or community leaderand are looking for support as you pursue your dream
- have a desire to be of greater service to the global community
- are looking for a way to offer your highest and best to others
- have a deep passion and curiosity about spiritual & religious traditions
- have life or work experience in related fields
- have done a significant amount of independent study
- have limited-income or time due to other personal, work, or familial responsibilities
- can work independently and hold a deep and abiding respect for the “other”…
then All Paths Divinity School might be the degree program for you.


• Ordained Minister | Rev.
Master of Divinity | M.Div
• Master of Interfaith Theology | M.Th