Articles of Faith

The Ministers of this organization hereby declare the following to be
a common set of principles and beliefs that define appropriate conduct
for all members of our spiritual community:

ARTICLE I - Service to All Creation as a Divine Expression

All life is the creation of Divine expressions and processes that may or may not be understood, and which require respect and compassion. We hold sacred the human responsibility to be kind and ethical stewards of all life, the planet and its resources.

ARTICLE II - Every One Has Their Own Divine Interpretation

Every human being has been given their own unique interpretation of Divine processes and their own relationship to the Divine. Even individuals claiming specific religions and denominations within religions have different shades of interpretation on some theological issues and conduct. No two humans should be considered exactly alike in their faiths. Also, every community that comes together has its own identity and need for spiritual expression that honors the hearts and needs of its congregational membership.

ARTICLE III - Principle of Spiritual/Religious Freedom

We believe in the freedom of individuals and groups to practice the spiritual path(s) and/or religion(s) of their choice.

We believe in the freedom of individuals and groups to be free from religious belief or practice being forced upon them.

We believe that all spiritual paths and religions are valid ways to honor and serve the sacred. We honor all traditions to the degree that they do not injure others or infringe upon the spiritual and religious practices of individuals or groups.

ARTICLE IV - Affirmation of Interfaith Practice

We affirm the value of spiritual/religious ritual that includes multiple religions together as a sign of solidarity with adherents of all faiths and to honor the wisdom and value of all spiritual paths and religious traditions. We believe that there are other spiritual teachings and practices, both old and new, of great worth, that are not tied to specific faith traditions.

ARTICLE V - Inclusivity and Interfaith

We are inclusive of all individuals from diverse spiritual-religious backgrounds and are inclusive of individuals with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds; sexual orientations and gender identities, expressions and orientations; and those with disabilities or different-abilities.

ARTICLE VI - Honoring & Respecting Spiritual Diversity

We respect the personal faith systems of every human being, so long as it maintains dignity and compassion for others.

ARTICLE VII - The Principle of Universal Interfaith Support

While in the conduct of support towards others, all ordained interfaith ministers of this community shall strive to transcend beyond their own personal faith systems to understand and support the needs of others based on their spiritual needs and interpretations.